Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Go get immediately

I just read the most amazing book it is call The Resistance it is a must read.


This book was not what I expected. I was a little unsure by the synopsis what type of book this would be but I wanted it anyway. When I first got into it I could not believe how good it was and how it grabbed my attention. As a reader I want the author to grab my attention and really get me motivated to read more of their story. This book does that and more. I could not put it down. The reason for only 4 stars it has a few grammatical errors but that does not take from the story at all.

This is the story of Jack Dalton and Holliday Huges. Holliday is a woman who started her own company off of something that she thought was funny one night. She never thought it would go anywhere and never thought it would be a big as it is. Holliday goes to a conference in Vegas where at the bar the first night there she meets Jack Dalton who she thinks is a security guy for the hotel. I won't ruin the surprise of who he is but the sparks are instantaneous between these two. Holli doesn't do one night stands and Jack knows he is keeping secrets but also knows he has to have Holli.

This is a roller coaster ride of a relationship that you can't count the number of time there needs to be another chance given to it. I would highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone you will not be disappointed with it.



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