Friday, May 1, 2015

Review of Stepbrother Charming by Nicole Snow

I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. I have read this author for quite a while and her work just keeps getting better and better and this book is not exception.

In this book we meet Claire Frost and Ty Sterner. When this pair first meet Claire is looking to spend her last night of fun with her best friend Dana. Both are getting ready to go their separate ways and start being adults in the real world or that is how Claire sees it. That night while dancing they get separated and Claire literally runs into Ty. Ty thinks she is hot and proceeds to hit on her with the most crude words he can come up with. Claire turns him down at every turn and when she runs from him at the end of the night she think this is the last time she will have to put up with him. Little did she know how wrong that would be the next morning at brunch she finds out that her mom has married his dad but with the amount of alcohol still in her system from the night before she doesn't make the connection until she gets to her new home.

Ty knows there is something special about Claire and the biggest thing he likes to do in the beginning is push her buttons. However when they both push the wrong button things explode in ways they never thought possible.

This story is full of surprises that will leave you not wanting to put this book for anyone or anything. When I read it I had to cook dinner with 1 hand because I wanted to know what will come next. This book is amazing I can not say enough good things about it. Get your copy today you will not be disappointed except with the people who interrupt you when you are reading.

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