Thursday, September 17, 2015

Review of The Loneliest Tour by Karolyn James

I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. 

In this book we meet Masie and we get the whole story on Jett. In this book the question is asked can two lonely broken people find a way to repair one another? Masie is a dancer and when her original dream doesn't work out for her she agrees to take a gig dancing back up for a band called Crutch Fail. She knows they suck but it is a paying gig and for right now that is what she needs. She is hoping that this gig will introduce her to Portis and he will be able to use her dancing skills in other areas. Masie knows that she is a good dancer but she isn't looking for hand-outs she wants this to be done solely on her own merits and talent. However when one night she goes back to the studio to get her bag she happens to hear Jet playing on his guitar and it has her mesmerized. She knows she should just get her back and leave him alone but something rivets her there. Masie is cautious but there is something about Jett and she wants to know what is happening with them.

Jett has had enough of the press, the fans and everyone going over and over that one mistake. Does he know he was dumb for buying drugs that day? Yes is he an addict? No, all Jet wants is to make music and have everyone get off his back about it. So one night when he can't take anymore he hides out in the studio just him and his guitar trying to release all the built up trouble that is building within him, then he sees her. At first he thinks she is a reporter or an overzealous fan come to ask him more questions. However there is just something about her that calms him without her saying a word to him. When she does speak he knows that he has to see her again, really get to know her. But can he with everyone chasing after him for his story and to ask over and over again why he did it. He doesn't want to drag her into his drama but he does want her with him. Can Jett balance the two?

This is another amazing book in this series. This book shows that love can help heal old wounds and maybe even make sure there are no new ones. This is an amazing book and I want to tell you so much about it but as a reader I like a little mystery in my book not to find it out before I even get the whole book. I know you would enjoy this book as much as I have. It is a stand alone but I would recommend you reading Colby's book first just to understand a few of the references in this book.

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