Saturday, December 24, 2016

It's Live: Just the Sex by L.K. Collins


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Find your next sizzling read in this collection of 40-plus steamy sex scenes pulled from the pages of LK Collins’ bestselling works.

Just The Sex let’s you skip straight to the lip-biting sexiness dreamed up by the erotic romance husband-and-wife duo behind the naughty alter ego, LK Collins.

The collection includes: Latch, New York city's most desirable male escort; Krane, a naughty Mixed Martial Arts fighter; King, an arrogant and oh-so-controlling architect; Nixon, an alpha US Coast Guard; and Merritt, the dirty, sexy, oil and gas mogul with a luscious mouth that’ll screw you senseless while talking filth.

Read the spiciest of LK Collins’ sizzling scenes in this erotic romance collection today. It’s sure to melt your panties, make your heart run wild, and have you panting in anticipation for the next scene while you fall for your next book boyfriend.

WARNING: This book is Erotic Romance and contains mature subject matter. Not intended for those under 18, but those over will thank us later…happy reading!

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