Saturday, January 21, 2017

Review of The CEO's Secret by Jessica Wildblood

I received this book as an ARC for a voluntary and honest review. 

In this book we meet Clarissa Hart and James Kelsey. When this book opens up we find Clarissa trying to ensure she is on-time for work. Because on this particular morning she is to meet the returning CEO none other than James Kelsey. Things are not going well though when her flat mate is mating her late yet again for another morning at work. Though she feels she owes him for her job she feels that she has reached her wits end with him. Little did she know how much James would help her with this problem. The thing she wonders though is can she keep the man who seems to becoming more and more to her or will she just be another in a long list of women he has gotten rid of?

James is usually a one and done with women but there is something from the first moment he meets with Clarissa that he just can't get enough of. The thing is the more time he is with her the more time he wants to be. So when it starts effecting the one thing he never has before his work he knows he has to do something. The other problem he is having his best friend and brother is not only laughing at him but encouraging him all along the way. Can he keep up with all he has to do at the office and get the girl who is beginning to mean more to him then he thought possible?

This is a great story about two damaged people finding a connection in the last place that they are suppose to. There are many twists and turns in this story that will have you hooked from the first word to the very end. I would like to tell you more but I don't want to ruin any of the surprises for any future readers. I will say I would highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone. 

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