Friday, April 25, 2014

Go get this

If you have not heard Michelle Valentine has released Phenomenal X, and holy cow is it hot. In this book we meet good girl Anna Cortez who is looking to start a new life for herself away from her religious and oppressive father.  Anna's father has set up her entire life including the man he has planned for her to marry. Anna doesn't love this man as anything other than a brother and knows there has to be more to life than this. So with the help of her aunt and cousin she is moving across the country to live with them and find herself. However fate may have other plans.

Xavier Cold better known as Phenomenal X is going home for a vacation form his wresting tour. He just happens to end up on the same plane as Anna Cortez. When their eyes meet for the first time there is a pull that Xavier doesn't know how to feel about. When an accident occurs in Anna's seat Xavier offers her his manager. This starts a talk unlike X has ever had, and when Anna falls asleep next to him he knows he needs to see this woman again. What happens next is a series of meetings most of them planned by X but meetings none the less that force X to look at his life and ask the question what do I really want.

This is an amazing book about love, loss, and finding yourself in the midst of everything falling apart around you. In this book we will also see what leads them to one another and what in X's past keep him holding back from grabbing Anna with both hands and never letting go. This book does end with a semi-cliffhanger, but the book as a whole is so worth it. I recommend it and say if you have not read it go out and get it immediately.

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