Friday, April 25, 2014

have you heard

I read this author's first book and was blown away. JM Witt is about to release her second book of her Anchored Hearts series. In the first book we met James Benedict III and Cassidy Charles. When these two meet there is an instant attraction that can not be denied. However circumstances through a wrench into this couple being together. While reading this book you are introduced to the character of Jane Whitford who is James's sister.


In Hiding Away we find out more about Jane, what she went through and how she is working on coming out to the other side. This book is scheduled for release on 5/14/14. If you have not read letting go do so now. This book is amazing and you will find yourself anxiously waiting for Hiding Away. J.M. Witt has just released the cover for this book and here is what it looks like. Enjoy and pick up this book as soon as it becomes available.

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