Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Must reads

I am a huge fan of books I find them to be a great escape and some authors I would buy all their books today if I had the money others I am not so sure about. Lately I have found an author that I would recommend until I can not talk anymore. Her name is Tia Louise ans she has written the One to Hold series. If you have not started this series I highly recommend that you get on it immediately. This series is about love, acceptance, and finding that perfect person that will not only make your dreams come true but also be patient when you are not ready for that dream. Tia has a new book coming out soon it is called One to Protect it is the third book in her One to Hold series. Like I said if you have not read this series start immediately. Here are what the books look like wouldn't you want to take home one of these men.

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