Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Review of The Fear that Divides Us by M. N. Forgy

I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. I believe that this book flows with the other two before it but can be read as a stand alone. In this book we meet Bobby and Jessica.

Jessica has been in an abusive relationship for a number of years. After watching her husband push their daughter down and bruise her she knows it is time to run. Grant is a man she knows will find her and possibly kill her this time if he catches her so she runs with the cash she has and the clothes on hers and her daughter's back. Just as she is about to run out of money she finds the Dust Devils and promises a trade. You are not sure what exactly this trade completely entails but with Jessica being a doctor you get the feeling it is her services as a doctor in exchange for protection for her & her daughter.

From the moment they entered the club Bobby was a prospect but knew he would do anything and everything to protect this woman and her child. Jessica just had these eyes that drew Bobby in and didn't let him go. No matter what is happening between them he still can't stop protecting her. However what he wants is so much more and he is not willing to stop till he gets it.

This is a great story about give in take in a relationship and the point where you realize you don't have to be a victim any more. I like how this author shows that even though the person that abused Jessica is gone the memories are still there and that is the true problem she has to face day in and day out. fighting the demons of our past is one thing but when do you stop fight the past and start living for the future. This is what Jessica must determine when and if she can do. As well as Bobby deciding is it to much to keep fighting against and when do you give up on the person you want most.

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