Thursday, March 26, 2015

Review of Reclaimed: Knights Rebels MC by River Savage

This story is amazing but you need to have read Affection & Incandescent first, if you don't this story will be jumping ahead and not make sense. This story takes place after Kadence has had the baby, Nix is frustrated because he still can't get his wife back and feels her pulling away not just from him but from their kids as well. Nix is willing to do anything to help get back the woman that he loves but isn't sure he can if she won't even admit there is a problem.

Kadence knows she is having problems since having the baby but doesn't know how to tell anyone how bad it really is for her. Her depression and negative thoughts rule her so much of the time she isn't sure how to get back to the person she once was. She doesn't want to hurt her family and really wants to find herself again if she could just figure out how to do that.

This story shows and amazing depiction of postpartum depression and how many people think that it is something that will go away if just left to run its course. This is not true for all woman. I like how this also shows how it affects a man when their woman is going through this. I thought seeing how frustrated and confused Nix was on what is the right thing to do and how far do you push the woman you love. this is an amazing book and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.

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