Saturday, February 28, 2015

Review of Catching Lucy by Terri Anne Browning

This is the story of Lucy and Harris. As you remember we met Lucy in The Rocker who Savor's Me Lucy is the young girl who was later adopted by Jessie Thornton. Harris we met in The Rocker who wants me we found out more about Harris in The Rocker who Shatters me. Harris is the son of Other World's band mates Devin. Harris is now 21 and is missing Lucy. Lucy at age 12 started developing more than friends feelings for Harris and didn't know what to do about it so she pulled back hoping they would just go away and they could go back to being friends. Now 5 years later Harris is someone and he wants to share this with his best friend if only he could get Lucy to talk to him. This story is great it catches us up on a couple of the kids from the earlier series it also brings in some of our favorites from the series. this is a definite hit

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