Saturday, February 14, 2015

Review of The Trouble with Faking by

I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. When I first got it I had some trouble remembering the synopsis of this book but dove into it head first anyway. Boy was I ever glad that I did this book is amazing.

In the beginning of this book we meet Andi and we find out he boy next door Damien. Andi believes that she has been in love with the boy next door since she was 10 years old. The problem is he doesn't seem to feel the same way or at least has never expressed this to her. Andi is determined after Damien's girlfriend becomes his ex to make him see her like she sees him. So she devises this plan even though that little voice in side her tells her this is a bad idea she proposes it to Damien. Date to make the people that they want see them as desirable as they see these people. Damien want the girl Mary to pay attention to him and Andi well she tells Damien she wants it to be this guy named Mike but who she really wants is Damien. Oh did I mention that Damien has this hot friend named Noah that annoys Andi to no end but also makes her question all she kinks about certain situations in her life.

All through-out this book Andi is learning who she is as a young woman and where she wants her life to go in the future. This is an amazing story about love, life and how much you are willing to take too be with the person you believe you are meant to be with. Sometimes life has other plans for you though. This is an amazing book and needs to be on everyone's must read list.

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