Friday, June 26, 2015

Review of All your Reasons: Crave Series Book One by Nina Levine

This is an amazing short story. We really get to know all the characters and what role they play.

Presley is married to a rocker named Lennon but she doesn't want to be anymore. She is tired of being his doormat for anytime he wants to get away and leave her behind. So when he phones she tells him she is done and to leave her alone. The problem is she knows Lennon and to him this is just another challenge he feels he needs to conquer. However before he can return things really change for Presley in a way she never expected.

Jett has never met a woman that he just wants to be around sure sex is great but to want to spend time with someone and just be with each other is something else entirely and something very rare in his world. When he meets Presley in a bar it is of course instant lust he wants this woman but the more he speaks with her the more he just wants to talk with her, spend time with her, just be around her. Jett knows this is rare for him and once he has that first taste of what it is like to be with her he knows he must have more.

What happens though when Jett finds out there is more to Presley than a pretty face and good conversation there is also major baggage that goes with her. Will he walk or will he fight for his rare gem? Time to read up you will not be disappointed and you will be screaming for more.

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