Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Review of Love Always Kate by D. Nichole King

I will start this off by saying make sure you have tissues near by. In this book we meet Kate and Damian. 

Kate is a young woman who has had cancer off and on since she was 11. With this round she does what she has done in the past but this time is different & Damian is just one of those differences. Kate has always tried to go into her cancer with the I will beat this attitude. She thinks if she doesn't then this might be the time that her outcome isn't as good if she doesn't. 

Damian has gone through something very horrible as well he lost his mom and brother in a car accident. He is also the son of Kate's doctor and feels like his dad is more dedicated to his patients then his own living son. In this book there are many eye opening experiences that will have you balling one minute and cheering for them in the next. I will not give you more then this because I truly believe this is a must read.

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