Thursday, July 9, 2015

Review of Flirting with Disaster by Ava Catori & Olivia Rigal

I received this book as an ARC for an honest review.

In this book we meet Barbara and Ryder. Barbara is the girl that everyone never saw, she is the daughter of the town drunk, and the one that always came to her mother's rescue. However what she really wanted was for someone to want her for her, to really see her. When Barbara is given the job to come and evaluate and possibly close the towns factory she knows this could be the nail in the town coffin and for once doing this job really gets to her. What Barbara never saw coming was Ryder to finally see her.

Ryder was the towns golden boy and has stayed when many others have gone on to found better jobs in other towns. Ryder also stays for his only living parent his father which is also the foreman of the factory. They both know it is a matter of time before Ocean Crest becomes just another small town to fold up but neither are willing to give up that easily. A few run ins with Barbara (who Ryder thinks is familiar but just can't quite place her) Ryder knows this is one woman who is different from any of the others he has met.

Over all this story is really good it is about love, acceptance, and finding the real you even in tragedy. The problem I have with this story is though it feels like the are rushed. The story is good I just wish there was a little more time between how their feelings are and where they end up. I will let you readers decide for yourselves though so I will not give away any of the story.

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