Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Review of The Forbidden Billionaire by J.S. Scott

I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. 

In this book we get Jared Sinclair's story and there is Mara Ross who we met in Dante and Sarah's book. Both Jared and Mara are fighting with some demon's from their past and have not found a way yet to get past them to find true love again. 

Jared does not believe in true love any more he did once but the pain of being hurt has closed him off to the idea of being with anyone else. Even though he has made a promise to himself to never allow anyone in so that way he can never get hurt again. However there is something about Mara he just can't get past and finds her burrowing in farther and farther to the point that he doesn't know what to do without her around. 

Mara was hurt by a man while still in college and has not been willing to try again but looking at Jared does something to her. The more time she spends with him the more she wants to spend. Mara knows Jared's reputation and thinks that there can ever be anything between them but she knows she just wants to spend as much time as he will let her with him.

In this book we find two people who are looking to find love, acceptance, and a sense of being wanted and needed. There are many twist and turns to this book. It is an amazing read that once you start you will not be able to put down. I highly recommend not only this book but all the books in this series.

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