Friday, January 22, 2016

Addicted: A Bad Boy Stepbrother Romance by Lauren Landish

I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. 

In this book we meet Tyler and Victoria. Tyler is a man that will let no one tell him what to do or control him. The other problem Tyler has is he has women falling at his feet. Tyler is looking for a challenge and this challenge comes from the last place he ever thought to look. Victoria is a woman that men will definitely take a second look at and when Tyler first sees her at the fitting he has set up for Brad's wedding. When he set this up he was hoping that this would help calm his friend down and allow him and his bride to have the wedding they want, or that she wants. Tyler knows that he might have to fight the board with what is currently going on in his life and with Brad being a lawyer he knows this could help him. However with one look at Victoria his plans have changed he wants her if only he can get her to see his idea of a hook-up as a good thing.

Victoria feels that everyone around her either abandons her or puts down her dreams so when she first sees Tyler she thinks he's hot but one to stay away from. The more he pushes though the more she thinks that there maybe more to him then what she sees on the surface. To bad he has that reputation that make her always wonder if he will be one more person to hurt her. She wasn't looking for anything but thought one night of freedom sounded good to bad it had to sound better than it might actually be. 

Can two people who have past hurts really open up and find love? What do they do when they find that this possible love they might have found is forbidden due to the fact that they are step siblings? Do you stay and fight or do you let what you think you know factor into your future? This book is an amazing story that really shows what happens when people really do want to change. I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone. it is more than the main story but there is also an eye opening subtext to the book. Plus if you keep reading there is another book at the end of this one. 

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