Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Review of Research Purposes Only by Terry Towers

I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. 

In this book we meet Mitch, Xander, and Monica. Monica has just gotten out of a relationship she has had for the last year. One that she knew if she didn't get out of she would die of boredom. So to treat herself she plans a trip through Europe for herself. Her first stop is in Amsterdam and while she is there she is going to make sure and let her hair down and have some real fun. So after asking where she can find this fun she is off to the red light district. While there she finds the man from the plane that she sat next to. Mitch is still as hot as he was when he first sat down next to her and she thinks what is wrong with having a little fun with him now that they are on the same page. So when he asks her what she is looking for she says 2 men and he knows just who to include. 

Mitch finds this attractive woman on the plane from New York to Amsterdam. He wants to know all there is to know about her but isn't willing to share much about himself. When he sees her again at the club he knows he must have her. Though he wants her all to himself he knows that what the client wants the client gets. So when he needs to ask another he knows who he would trust with her none other than his best friend Xander. Mitch is shocked by how much he wants to spend more time with this woman and not just in bed but he knows this will only end one way and that is with her on a plane to New York and him still in Amsterdam. So he trys to keep it all casual though every-time he thinks of her with another it makes him want to scream. 

Xander takes one look at the woman Mitch has told him a little about and finds that very quickly he is starting to have feelings for her. Not just the in the playboy I want to get you into bed as much as possible, but the I want to have dinner and talk feelings. Xander knows that Mitch saw her first and if he says he wants her he will back off to not destroy their friendship but when Mitch gives him the green light there is no going back. 

In this book we find 3 people who are looking for love and feeling like no matter what they might be feeling there will always be a time limit on it. They may all want more but are they brave enough to shoot for more or will they always wishing they can have that time back. They also find that they are all looking for someone to accept them just as they are not what someone can make them into.  I would highly recommend this book. The dynamic of the feelings these characters have is ones that everyone has had a one time or another. We all want more but are we brave enough to go after it?

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