Sunday, January 3, 2016

Review of Alien General's Wife by Scarlett Grove

I received this book as an ARC for an honest review.

In this book we meet Indigo and Vlosh. In this book The Mulgor have left the Draconian airspace and are now on Earth. When this book opens up Indigo is going to College in Los Angeles when all of the sudden they hear on the news that the Mulgor are destroying every major city. Indigo knows that she has to act fast so she grabs her roommate and best friend Molly and hurries out to her car. Molly still has a fuel based vehicle not one of the new hover cars so she knows that they will be harder to track. Indigo doesn't know what is going on but wonders if it has anything to do with the Draconian's that are already here. Indigo a couple of years before signed up for the mating lottery but never hear anything about it so she assumed that she was never chosen. She did it to help her family. 

Vlosh is just gotten into the milky way when he gets a call from his old friend Commander Nash Or they have found his mate. Vlosh thinks this is amazing but he has bigger things to worry about then his mate he needs to save Earth. However the instant he sees a picture of her his matting instincts go into overdrive and he can't stop what his dragon wants. The other problem he runs into with fighting a war and trying to save the planet he doesn't realize all that his mate has to go through before she gets to him. When he first sees her she is covered in blood not her own but still he knows what he has isn't the best and he should have done more for his mate but he is a fighter first. 

This is a great story about fighting for everything and then finding yourself stronger in the end. In this book Indigo fights and looses quite a bit and isn't sure in the end that Vlosh won't be another thing that she will loose. She isn't sure who she is or what she is suppose to do but her fighting spirit helps make this book amazing. She is a strong woman who knows when to stand tall and when to let it all out. I would recommend this book and all of the other's in this series. This book can be read as a stand alone but I recommend you read them all, you will not be disappointed. 

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