Saturday, November 1, 2014

My review of The Rocker Who Cherishes Me

I will start this out saying I do not give many 5 star reviews but I am a huge fan of this series and real believe that this book totally deserves it. This is Wroth from the Otherworlder's and Marissa Liam's sister. This book can be read as a stand alone but you will be introduced to these characters in The Rocker who wants me. When we first meet these characters we learn that when Marissa was younger she was diagnosed with Leukemia she did go into remission from the disease but all of the group was not sure if she would make it or not. When we start this book we see what happened during that time and how hard is was not only for Marissa and Liam but all the members of his band. They had adopted Marissa as one of their own. We also learn the connection between Wroth and Liam and we now know that they are cousins. Because Marissa and Liam are only step-brother and sister there is no family connection with Wroth other than his parents were the ones to adopt Marissa when their father died making sure that she did not go into foster care. Wroth has a lot of demons that he is wrestling with and Marissa is just one of them. He has made sure that every major decision that he has made has had her in mind in one form or another. This includes joining the marines and joining the band. I will not tell you why you need to read it for your self. In this book we find out that more happened with with people on the last tour than was described in the Rocker who wants me book and I will not tell you all of it you need to read it for yourself. But that being said some of the things that happened in that tour has some major affects on all the women who went on that tour in one form or another. Something happened between Wroth and Marissa that only a few people know about and now that there is a new tour about to start she knows she can't stay away from it or Wroth no matter how much she might want to. What happens in this story will make you laugh it will make you cry, and it will having you falling in love all over again. This book is a must read for anyone and everyone and I would highly recommend it.

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