Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Review of Play by Kylie Scott

I have had this book for a while but had not yet had the chance to read it. I am not one for many 5 star reviews but oh my did it deserve it. If you have not read this book pick it up immediately. This book can be read as a stand alone but to understand some of the parts in the book it should be read after Lick. In this book we get to see more of Malcom Erickson or Mal for short. If you have read Lick then you know that Mal is like an over-sized child and he is no different in his own book. This book will have you laughing in so much of it. It reminds me of a really good comedy that you have to go back and hear parts again because you were laughing so hard you know you missed something. In this book we not only have Mal but Anne as well. Anne is the neighbor of Lauren and now Nate (but you will read about that in Lick) as well as the former neighbor of Evie (also from Lick). We really don't know much about Anne till this book but oh what a woman she is. Anne is one of those woman who will help anyone and everyone and she is usually the loser at the end of it all. When the story starts out Anne was helping a fellow friend & roommate by floating her for the rent and utilities when she comes home one night and all of the friends stuff is gone and the money is not returned. Lauren convinces her to go to a party at David and Evie's place (again you find out about this in Lick) at this party she meet Mal and next thing she knows he has moved in with her. What happens next is completely funny and will have you wanting a love like this full of fun and ups and downs but no one said life was a smooth ride, Again I would recommend this book to anyone who has not read it yet. It is a definite must read

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