Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Review of Lead by Kylie Scott

This book is amazing this is the third book in the stage dive series and in this one you really do need to read the previous 2 to understand quite a few things that happen in this book. When we start out this book Lena is being fired as a secretary for Adrian (the bands manager) Mal being Mal starts making some jokes as he asks Lena questions. He then determines that she would be the perfect sober assistant for Jimmy. Jimmy doesn't think this is a good Idea and of course veto's the idea but gets out voted by the other guys. As time goes on Lena and Jimmy bicker back and forth but nothing more than that. As Lena learns more and more about Jimmy she realizes there is another side to him that he isn't showing most people. The other problem she realizes she might have real feelings for Jimmy and that is not something that can happen. This is an amazing story about hurt, self abuse and realizing that love really can fix many of the bad things. I would highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone

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