Saturday, November 29, 2014

Review of A Were, A Bear and Mistletoe by Christin Lovell

This book starts out with the story already going as you get more into it you find out what drove you to the starting point. Curvy Ember doesn't understand what her brother wants when he drags her out of bed on Christmas morning. Her brother has a plan though he wants her to have the kind of love he has found with his true mate. They both know who her true mate is but there is something she has not told her brother that she overheard her true mate say. Mack I arrogant and feels that no matter what he says woman will just fall at his feet. 

Being trapped in a cabin with Mack is not Curvy's ideal way to spend Christmas but she believes if she can just hold out long enough her brother will come back and get her. Both Curvy and Mack learn things they never realized before this day about one another. This is a good story even if the beginning is kind of confusing. Stay with it you will be so happy you did 

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