Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Review for Lick by Kylie Scott

I read this book a while ago but thought since my blog is about books I should really put it here. It is a book that I have read more than once and will read again and again.


I had read the synopsis for this book when it first came out and was just waiting till I had the money to buy it. Well when I got the funds I purchased it still not sure if the synopsis for the book would be the best part of it. I am a person who does not give many 5 star reviews but I do feel this book deserves it. Well trust me when I say this is a book that you will want to own and will read again & again. Sometimes just for the chuckles of the guys who are more than band mates but brothers as well. Only two of the band members are actual brothers but I will leave you to actual read the book to find out which ones they are. The book starts out with Evie and David waking up on a bathroom floor in Vegas after a night of drinking way to much. Evie doesn't remember any of it and David is hurt by this but puts on his bad at the world face just to not let her know. What follows is a series of what happens now that we got drunk one night and got married incidents. This book will make you laugh it will make you cheer for this couple and you will see what it is like to fight for the person you love.

 I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone. I am extremely happy that I found a way to purchase this book and you will be too.

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