Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Review for The Charlotte Chronicles: Jackson Boys Book 1 by Jen Fredrick

I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. When I got this book I had not really been paying attention to the teasers other bloggers has put out so I had no idea what this book would be about. Part of me is glad about that point because I had not gotten any tidbits to give anything away. This book starts out with a bang and keeps you on a ride till the very last word.

This book starts out with Charlotte going in for brain surgery because she has a tumor at the base of her skull. There is so much she wants but is unable to say it because 1) she feels like no one is listening to her & 2) she thinks that they feel she is to young to make her own decisions. In this book we also meet Nick and Nate Jackson they are like brothers to her but with Nate she has feelings that aren't so sisterly.

The part that really hooked me was in chapter 1 we hear Charlotte's feelings on how things are right before surgery in chapter 2 there are only 4 words and it sums up how Nate feels Worst. F******g. Day. Ever. This is his thought and the only words in this chapter at this point I knew this was going to be an amazing story full of ups and downs. This is a story that will grab you emotionally and not let go.

I am not big on 5 star reviews but this one deserved it and more. This book is amazing and there are so many things that happen in it that I want to tell you about but as a reader and reviewer I believe in letting a reader experience a book for themselves. This book needs to be on everyone's must read list. It is so incredible that you will not be sorry that you own it. My recommendation buy it immediately and read it as soon as you can trust me you will not be sorry.

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