Saturday, December 13, 2014

Review of One to Leave by Tia Loise

I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. This is Stuart's Story at the end of One to Love we get a hint of something going on with Stuart but until this book we don't fully understand it. In the first book One to Hold we find out the Derek has a partner that works out in the field instead of in the office. This partner is Stuart they started the security company together after something happened that brought them both back from their military service oversea's. 

In One to Leave we finally find out what really happened to them both that will have Derek taking off to help his old friend and business partner. Derek is also sure if he leaves things to Patrick (Stuarts brother and the person to work for the security company) they will kill one another. In one to Leave we also meet Mariska she is different than the other woman we have met in this series. She is not a strong willed for one. She does take risks but she sneaks into these people's hearts instead of bulldozing in. Mariska has some of her own secrets which I will let you read to find out what they are. 

This is a great book about love, acceptance of who you are and where you are suppose to be, and also knowing when you need help you are not weak when you reach for it. I would recommend this book and do I would say if you have not read the others in this series there will be secrets revealed if you don't read them first. However this is an amazing book and I would recommend you get your copy as soon as it is released.

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