Saturday, December 6, 2014

Review of Hansel Part 2 by Ella James

Again I do not give 5 star reviews often and almost never to a series but this series deserves it. In this story we learn a little more about what Leah went through in the years about they were saved. You also find out a little bit more about some of the horrors that Hansel / Edger/ Lucas had to go through. The whole story is not yet laid out of what they have gone through but in this one we learn more about Leah than we do Hansel / Lucas. We do however find out what really is driving Leah's demons since begin rescued. This again shows us more to the story of what both of these two have had to endure since being rescued. It also begs the question when you go through horrors like this even though your surroundings change are you really free from the prison you were in.

Again I highly recommend this book as well as this series to anyone and everyone. This book can not be read as a stand alone it needs to be read in order. However you will be hooked again on this book from the first page to the very end and just itching to get your teeth into the next one.

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