Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Review of His Witness by Vanessa Waltz

I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. When I first got this book I was unsure how I would feel about the story. This book is a mix between 1940's gangsters and modern day technology.

When we first start this book we see Tommy doing what he was trained to do torturing a man who according to Jack has ratted on the family. Tommy is an enforcer in the family but what he really wants is to be a made man. The biggest problem with Tommy he feel no emotion when he works which means he can do very cruel and sadistic things without a second though. His only weakness, the only thing to make him feel something Melanie.

Melanie is a woman who wanted to go to college but knew that she couldn't because she had to help out her aging father in his business. You see Melanie's father own's a strip club and because he has health problems he can not see to the day to day operations of the club. So Melanie agreed to step in an be manager of the club so her father didn't have the extra stress. The problem she has her father partnered with the mob and she has to deal with them. Especially Tommy hitting on her every-time they are there.

The thing neither of them know is the feelings that each of them are feeling if either said something would realize the other person is feeling it too. But no they push each other instead. However when the feds go after Melanie and tell her to either flip on the mob or go to jail she knows she is looking at a no win situation. When she agrees to testify that is when Tommy has to persuade her to change her mind and her testimony before it is to late for the family.

The question for this book is can a girl who has had to sacrifice so much finally find love? Can the boy who feels almost nothing find true love with the woman who makes him feel something?I would recommend this book it is really good story there are some physical torture in this book as well as psychological so if this is offensive to you be warned.

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