Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Review of Bossed Times Three by Madison Faye

I received this book as an ARC for a voluntary review. 

In this book we meet Arianna Holloway, as well as Hunter Black, Sean Harlow, and Damien Caldwell of Camelot Holdings. When this book opens we find that Arianna is in a dead end relationship with no job and nothing looking good on the horizon. So when her boyfriend of the time stumbles in drunk with lipstick on his collar and has no apologizes for this she is done. She packs her stuff and drives off in his Porsche into the sunset, or at least out of his life. While staying with her best friend Sasha (you meet her & her men in Twice Bossed) while her two men are out of town she finds lands an interview for a secretarial job. A job she believes will be working for an older gentleman and will probably just have her answering phones and filing. She knows she is overqualified for this but she needs something. Little did she know it is not 1 man she will be working for but 3 and they're not old in fact they are very eye catching. Can she make this work or will she be down on her luck again?

Hunter, Sean, and Damien have been working together both in and out of the corporate world for years now. So when it comes time to interview the new secretary they know they all need to agree it is the right fit for them all. Little did they know how important those words would be. When they first see Arianna they are all blown away by her beauty. They realize there is more to this woman then her looks though but they don't want to push to hard. After the second interview the boys know this is the woman for them they just wonder can they get her to agree? Will they get the woman of their dreams or will they loose her because of outside forces?

This is a great book about going after what is important to you and making sure you fight to keep it. There are some twists and turns in this book that with it being a short story I don't want to ruin for any other reader. I will say this book is supper hot and I would highly recommend it to one and all.

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