Sunday, October 2, 2016

Review of Shifters in the Shadow by Multiple Authors

I received this box set as an ARC for an honest review.

This box set is packed with dynamic authors who have written stories that will have you hooked from the first word to the very end. I would be honored to tell you all about each and every one of them but that would make this review to long so I will go with the book from Liv Brywood it is Claim me Cowbear.

In this book we meet Sasha and Jack as they come to the Curvy Bear B&B. Each of them has some to the B&B to be a part of a week-long workshop for many different types of artist. Sasha’s main artistic style is in clay and she is stressing out because she has to finish a piece to stay afloat with her business. She knows she needs to stay focused on getting this piece done but one look at Jack and she and her bear want to know more. The problem is Jack isn’t willing to commit to any real time with her for fear of hurting her. Will she allow Jack’s fears and her own worries to drive away what could be her possible mate or will she fight for what she believes they both deserve?

Jack has many insecurities and has been running in a sense for years now. The one thing Jack will slow down for his art. Jack works with metals and forming his sculptures takes time and patience. This is the one thing Jack has never given any woman but there is something about Sasha that makes him want to try. However Jack has plans as soon as the workshop is done he is leaving the country and doesn’t know when he will return. Though both he and his bear feel something for Sasha he doesn’t want to be responsible for breaking her heart so he feels he should just stay away for both their sake. What happens though when what he wants to do and what he does end up clashing can he protect them both or will he end up breaking someone’s heart in the end?

Now with hearing about this book in the series can you see how amazing these stories are? I would highly recommend this box set to anyone and everyone. 

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