Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Review of Anaconda by Lauren Landish

In this book we meet Gavin “Anaconda” Adams and Brianna Sayles. Brianna is working as a maid for a hotel that is getting ready to host a crew for an upcoming movie. Brianna hasn’t always had an easy life and this job is just to help her get through college. The first room she goes into for her shift though make her wonder if this job is really worth all of the pain she has to endure. So when she gets some help from maintenance she is able to finish all of the VIP rooms in record time. The one problem she runs into is one of the rooms is assigned to a guest names Anaconda. She finds this weird but goes in anyway little did she know that what she would find would be the man himself. Brianna knows nothing about Gavin so when she sees him she runs. Can she find a way to spend time with Gavin or will she lose everything just to make time for a man who will only be in town for a short while?
Gavin is a well know running back and not just because of his game on the field. One mistake that had his towel falling has him as the butt of the jokes for years now. He is hoping with the help of his manager and this movie he can change all that. However a mistaken encounter with a maid has his mind split in two. Part of him really wants this movie to work and the other part of him just wants to find his Cinderella that keeps running from him. Can he have it all or will the fact that he is leaving as soon as this movie is over and his reputation leaving him always wondering what could have been?

This is an amazing book about fame and the price it takes on the actual person behind it. We get to see a side of a celebrity that shows them just wanting to be a person that can live their own life. There are so twists and turns in this book that will have you hooked from the first word to the very end. I would highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone.  

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