Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Review of Blitzed: A Secret Baby Sports Romance by Lauren Landish

I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. 

In this book we meet Troy Wood and Whitney Nelson. When this book opens up we find these two still in high school. They are both starting their senior year both of them with their own set of problems. Whitney who has always been the girl that was picked on took the summer before and found her body and it filled out nicely. She is now getting attention from guys who would never look twice at her before. However Whitney is raised by a single mother who had her when she was very young and is very religious, so all these looks from her don't mean much. That is until she catches the eye of the hottest guy in school Troy Wood. Though she has his attention she isn't going to be another notch in his bed post but Tory seems different and the more time they spend together the more they want to. Whitney doesn't know what their future will hold but she hopes it will always have her and Troy together but when life throws you a curve ball all you can do is wait to find out what will come next. 

Troy had a goal finish high school get a scholarship to college that can help get him into the NFL and never have to worry about money again. Troy's mom ran off when he was little and ever since then he has either been his father's drunken punching bag or ATM to get himself more booze. Troy knows he is almost to the first part of his goal if he can just get through this year. Whitney was never part of the plan or who he saw himself with but one look at her and all he wanted was to be with her forever. Troy knows he has to get away from his father and he has to do it soon, so when Whitney comes into his life he finds himself altering his plans to include her  as well. When she leaves half way through their senior year all he wants is his heart, his rock back. Sometimes life puts challenges up to make us prove how strong we really are how will Troy do with his?

This is an amazing book that touches on abuse, teenage pregnancy, and the choices that we make when going through these things. This is a book that will have you wanting to lock the door, turn off the ringer, and ignore the world till you read those two words, The End. I would highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone. 

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