Sunday, May 1, 2016

Review of Tiger in her bed 2: Animalistic by Lizzie Lynn Lee

I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. 

In this book we meet Arielle and Trent. In this book Arielle gets knocked down multiple times in the beginning of the book. So much you wonder if someone has it out for her. When Arielle and Trent first meet she is grabbing coffee before rushing to the office. She is dating someone at the time and doesn't realize her next hit will come after he saves her. Arielle doesn't know what to do when it seems like everything in her life is gone, well everything but Trent. She isn't sure what to make of this guy that keeps popping up in her life but is always glad to see him. Can she trust him to be there for her always or will he be her next hit to take?

We meet Trent in Tiger in her bed, he is the brother of Quinn and is an in the closet tiger. Trent doesn't recognizer her as his mate at first but he does know he wants her. The more he sees her the less he wants to let her go. She also has no desire to have any other girl when shocks her with his looks. He is determined to prove to her that she is the woman for him, the only woman for him. Can Trent prove that she is the woman that his meant for him or will he scare her off before he gets the chance?

This is a great book that shows us no matter how bad things get there is always a silver lining. These two each has their secrets but when they come out it can either make or break them. This book has so much going on I want to tell you about but as a reader I hate anyone saying something that could ruin a book for me. So I will tell you this book can be read as a stand alone but read the first one to understand some of the references for Quin and Vanessa. I would highly recommend this book though. 

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