Sunday, May 29, 2016

Review of Jacob's Trap by Nicole Stewart

I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. 

In this book we meet Claire, Nick, and Jacob. When this book opens up Claire and her boyfriend Daniel seem to the have the ideal life. Daniel is a journalist and Claire is a computer tech. Their life seems perfect until one day Daniel comes home late one night and tells Claire that he has to break-up with her for her own safety. Two months later while at conference with Nick she gets some devastating news Daniel her now ex-boyfriend has been murdered. This starts a chain of events that have her questioning everything. Claire wonders will she ever get her life back? How will Nick and Jacob play into that new life?

Nick has always thought that Claire was beautiful, but he also knew that she was completely loyal to Daniel so he never pushed her for more than friendship. So when she gets the news that Daniel has been murdered he knows again this isn't the right time to tell her how he feels. However one slip of the tongue has Claire questioning him and him trying to find a way to hold her off. When they go to the bar that night they run into Jacob and all decide to take a cab back because none of them are in a good place to drive. However things go south real quick and all of his military training is needed to get them all out of this alive. What happens though when this is just the beginning and some of his old demons come back can he help these people or will he be the one to hurt them?

Jacob ends up at the same conference as Nick and Claire and Claire literally bumps into the back of him. He is a jerk to her but finds them later that night and decides to buy them a drink as way of an apology. After having to many to drive back to his hotel he ends up and a race for his life that he never thought he would be a part of. Jacob has demons as well and wonders can he stay close to the two people who maybe the only ones who can help him in this situation. 

This is a full length novel that is full of twists and turns. For most of this book Claire questions things about herself, Daniel and their level of commitment. This book will have you saying what will happen to these people more than once. There is so much more I want to tell you about this book but do not want to ruin any of the surprises in it. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. 

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