Saturday, September 3, 2016

Review of Double Princes by Cassandra Dee

I received this book as an ARC for an honest review.

In this book we meet Summer Miller and Holt and Hayden Halborg. Summer is on a summer intern project to Slovania to be a translator at a medical camp. They are there to fix clef pallets for some of the local children. Summer is just excited to be out of the country and knows with the limited funds that she and her mother have there would be no other way to see this country. Summer knows if anything was to happen with these two gorgeous men it would only be a fling but figures they would go for someone skinny not a full figured woman like her. But what happens when what she thinks will happen doesn’t match up with what could happen? Will she let something amazing pass her by or will she grab hold with both hands.

Holt and Hayden are just working in this camp to appease their father the king.  They are both plastic surgeons and very good doctors but their father has other plans for them. So when they agree to go to this camp and work they do so without the press. They figure staying out of it for a while should be enough for their father. Little did they know they would meet a woman who would change everything for them. There is just one thing the boys have their secrets and they wonder will their secrets drive the woman they found love with from their arms or will they find a HEA?

This is a spicy read that flows really well though you have 3 people with points of view. This author really makes sure the reader understand who is either having the thoughts or is speaking. There is a great dynamic that shows us not everything you see is what you get. I want to tell you more about this book but don’t want to ruin it for any readers. I will say I would recommend it. 

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