Sunday, March 13, 2016

Review of Alien Survivor by Juniper Leigh

I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. 

In this book we meet Dr. Araceli Cross and Danovan tel'Darian. Dr. Araceli has come to Galatean to continue her research to help produce hybrid children between the Galatean and human species. However when the ship she is on is fired upon and the bodyguard her fiance assigned her helps her to escape things change drastically for the doctor. Can she continue with all of the new things she has learned? Will her guilt drowned her with the possibility of being the only survivor?

Danovan is a bodyguard first and a Galatean second but when the ship is fired upon he notices many things that don't make sense to him. For example why isn't the fire suppression system working? Why did some of the doors lock early and stop people from getting to escape pods? His finally hum moment is when he has to override the system to get the escape pod to launch, he wonders why he had to do that? This book has many eye opening things for him as well, like what is really happening to him people and on his planet. 

This book will have you finding a love story that comes with a twist. Not only is it the possibility of two difference species finding love, but also their status standing in the way. Also what if everything you thought you knew was proven wrong what would you do then? Both of these characters must figure that out. This is an amazing book that I would highly recommend. 

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