Monday, March 28, 2016

Review of Most Eligible Baby Daddy by Chance Carter

I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. 

In this book we meet Elle Barclay and we get Forrester Stone's story. When this book opens up we find Elle has finally had enough of her abusive boyfriend she is leaving today and not coming back. While leaving she makes sure to hit him where it really hurts in his precious car. She rams into it not once but twice just so that he knows she isn't taking it from him anymore and won't be coming back. She drives for as long as she can with the minimal amount of money she has and ends up in Stone Peak where she goes to a dinner and finds a woman who may just save her. Kelly has seen that look before the I got nothing and I'm beat down look. She knows that Grace really needs more help at the dinner so she offers Elle a chance, and she shines. Elle is exactly what this cafe has needed she is great with customers, never complains about the hours or the amount of work. However with all of the good Elle knows that something is going to give and this will be in the form of her ex Gris. Gris is not a man to give up easily and though Elle left him he will get her back by any means necessary. There is still hope though if Elle can just give him a shot to prove that he isn't like every other man she has met, Forrester could be her knight in rusty armor. 

Forrester is going back to a place that he never wanted to ever go and he is doing it without his brothers or the wives. He feels like he must face this demon alone, though they worry he knows this is the best. So when he stops at the cafe and meets Elle he is struck by this need to be near her, with her, own her. He always said he needed to meet the right woman before he had kids and he knows he has met her. Just like his brothers before him he knows from the first moment, now can he get her to see he means it. Life has never been easy for Forrester so why would being with the woman he is meant to spend the rest of his life with be any different. If there is one thing Forrester knows though is he can fight if he needs to for the things that are important, and fight he will for Elle till his dying breath. 

This is an amazing story that shows even in the worst of times there is hope. Each of these characters show an inner strength that can only come from fighting for that hope. Just like Chance's previous books he has matched another perfect couple. They are meant to be together because they bring out the best in the other and lift them up when they need it most. I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone. This will show you that fighting for love is always the right thing to do and will make you want to show someone special what they mean to you. 

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