Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Vexed Iron Bulls MC #4 by Phoenyx Slaughter

Book #4 of the Iron Bulls MC series, VEXED, is now available for pre-order!
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VEXED (Iron Bulls MC #4)
by Phoenyx Slaughter

Falling in love will only leave you vexed.
Recent high school graduate, Athena Vale might seem bubbly and uncomplicated, but she has big plans and even bigger dreams, she’s only ever shared with her best friend, Karina. Athena’s strict upbringing has left her curious about taking a walk on the wild side—just once. And she knows exactly who she wants to go wild with.
President of the Iron Bulls MC, Reed “Romeo” Crownover has no shortage of women willing to entertain him. But these days, there’s only one girl on his mind —Athena. When she shows up at his clubhouse on the night of her eighteenth birthday, he decides it’s time to work her out of his system.
But one night turns into two, two turns into three, and soon the no-strings fun turns into something more passionate than either of them expected. An intense romance neither of them have ever experienced or knew they wanted.
She’s half his age.
He doesn’t fit in her world.
She’s leaving for Los Angeles to start a new life in a few days.
Their connection was vexed from the start.
Vexed is the fourth novella in the Iron Bulls MC series. Although Romeo and Athena make brief appearances in the first three books, Vexed can be read as a stand-alone. It does not end on a cliffhanger.
EXCERPT from VEXED (Iron Bulls MC #4)
 © 2016 by Phoenyx Slaughter

Waking with the soft weight of a woman in my bed isn’t a regular occurrence for me, believe it or not. Athena wasn’t wrong last night. Usually, I prefer to sleep alone. Hell, half the time girls don’t even make it through my bedroom door.
I like my space.
Makes it even funnier that the one girl I actually want to spend the night, was ready to jet about five seconds after I pulled my dick out of her.
The sensation of being used as her personal body pillow doesn’t fill me with dread.
Hooking my finger in a tangle of blonde curls, I push her hair off her face so I can get a better look at her. No raccoon eyes or smeared makeup. A fresh-faced sleeping beauty.
What the fuck am I doing with a girl half my age?
Before I have a chance to give it any more thought, Athena stirs. Her breathing changes. Her lashes tickle my skin. Finally, she picks her head up off my chest and blinks a few times.
“Are you staring at me?”
“Yeah. You’re a pretty girl.” Prettiest girl I’ve woken up with in a long time. But I keep that to myself, because I doubt she’ll find it flattering.
Her eyes widen like no one’s ever paid her a compliment before. How is that even possible?
I can’t help stroking my finger across her cheek. “How do you feel?”
“Happy,” she says without thinking it over.
I don’t know what I expected her to say. The directness of that one word has a simple innocence to it. I want her to wake up happy every day. I want to be the one who makes her wake up happy every day.
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You can catch up with the series with book #3, Entwined, available now.


(Iron Bulls MC #3)
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