Friday, March 25, 2016

Review of Trust by PJ Adams

This is a short erotic book

In this book we met Lynda Andrews, Liam, and Dale. Lynda spent years in a bad marriage that when it ended left her with very little self confidence and in a lot of dept. So she answered and ad for a roommate thinking she would be stuck with some college kids looking for another roommate. What she got was two guys that already had their own careers and were looking for another person to help out with the bills. Lynda has started back on the road to financial redemption now she just needs to get her love life back in order. So after a night of drinking with her friend Maggie (who runs a dating service) she helps her to find a one night stand to help her hop back on that bike.

Liam and Dale want Lynda but don't feel that she would be into the same things they are. When Dale looks at her he sees a good girl and no matter how much each of them want her they aren't willing to push her in a direction that might push her out of their lives. So Liam signs them up for an online dating site to help push Lynda out of both of their minds. They don't mind sharing but who they really want they think they will never have so they have to move on somehow.

What happens when one woman is ready to spread her wings and two men are looking to show her how amazing she is? This book shows us that no matter what happens in life make sure you shoot for more. Never let the options of one person define who you really are. This is a book that I would recommend to anyone because we all need to see that we are worth more then the some of anothers options. Plus it is really how what happens in this book.

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