Saturday, November 12, 2016

Review of The Wicked Virgin by Cassandra Dee

I received this book as an ARC for a voluntary honest review. 

In this book we meet Nick Martian and Tammy Jones. Nick is the type of CEO who takes a hands on approach to all of his locations. He will randomly just pop in to see how everything is really working not just the manufactured show the management wants him to see. One day while going to observe one of these locations Nick hears a noise in the women's restroom in the basement when he goes to investigate what he finds is more than he could imagine.  Nick doesn't know who this woman is yet but he is not letting her go until he finds out all he wants to know. However Nick has been burned in the past will he let that dictate his future with Tammy or will he find a way to have it all?

Tammy is a woman looking to make enough money to be able to put herself through nursing school. Little did she know slightly after starting at Luxor Corp. her supervisor is in an accident and is out for an undetermined amount of time. Not knowing what else to do with Tammy they give her a desk in the basement with no one else around Tammy finds ways to fill her free time. While filling this free time she is caught by none other than the CEO Nick Martian. Trying to find a way to keep her job she agrees to any demand that Nick has for her. Little did Tammy know what that would entail for her. Will she be willing to really do anything to keep her job or will she run for the hills first chance she gets?

This is a great story about two people who find love in the most unlikely of places. That doesn't mean that these characters don't have challenges to overcome they do but they way they overcome them is so naughty and fun. This book has many things I want to tell you about but don't want to ruin the story for anyone. I would say I would highly recommend this book but make sure you either have a buddy near by or are willing to take a lot of cold showers for this one.

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