Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Daddy Morebucks by Normandie Alleman

In this book we meet James and Marley.

Marley is a prostitute who has been living on the streets for awhile now. She has spent the last of her money on  a nice looking dress and some pretty shoes hoping to catch the eye of a wealthier man to be with that night. As luck would have it the woman James was suppose to have for the night pulled out last minute. So when Milton comes into the bar Marley is at it is the right place at the right time for something amazing to happen. This is not an instant rags to riches story or even Pretty woman story. Marley has her doubts about this relationship and in this story you will see if she can ever really open up to James or if they are doomed from the start.

James knows he likes a kinkier kind lifestyle in the bedroom and he has yet to find a woman who makes him want to balance his kink and his work ethic. When he sees Marley for the first time he knows she is different. He first knows she is not his typical kind of girl but the things she makes him feel he does not care. This balancing act that will come between them will be one that will push both of their boundaries in a good way. However what happens when one is pushed to far can they come back from it?

This is an amazing story about love, acceptance, and finding out what you really want not only from yourself but from those around you as well. The name is a little misleading it is not your typical age play story. It is one that is for anyone.

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