Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Review of The Biggest Stage Brothers of Rock (Willow Son) by

I received this book as an arc for an honest review. This book can be read as a stand alone.

Now with all of that being said holy cow is this book good. This author has given us another hit rocker book. In this book we meet Colby & Tessa both are holding things close to their chest but are looking for more. Colby is the lead singer of Willow Son and is holding a big secret that doesn't let him get close to anyone. There are very few people who know the real Colby and he intends to keep it that way. One night while returning from a meeting regarding the future of the band Colby sees this woman crying on the sidewalk. He doesn't know what it is about her but he is instantly drawn to her. The closer he gets the more pull there is between them.

Tessa is holding the weight of the world on her shoulders and isn't looking for any more but one look at bad boy Colby and Tessa knows there is just something there. She knows she should stay away from him but there is something there that makes her think of him when they aren't together unlike anyone before.

Both of them leave their meetings up to fate and feel if we are meant to meet again fate will make it happen. This is an amazing book but will have you asking again and again how can two broken people find a way to have a HEA no matter how much they fight and want it at the same time. There are many twists and turns and when you find out all their secrets you will be like me says wow this is an amazing book. This book also shows us the other members of the band and I can't wait to see where the author will take them.

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