Thursday, August 27, 2015

Review of Hell Bent by Emma

I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. 

In this book we meet Bryce and Susie. Bryce and Susie are Best Man and Maid of Honor at their friends wedding and have never met before so when their friends talk about them they are both sure they have just been given the person no one else wants to be with at the wedding due to looks or possibly personality. Susie has always looked after her self and over the years that has included her best friend Milly. Both Susie and Milly are nurses but for different reasons. When Milly was younger she was diagnosed with cancer Susie also lost her mother to cancer and so for her she wants to make the world better in this little way by helping cancer patients. Susie doesn't know what to make of Bryce, but she does know she is attracted to him if only she could keep all the dumb stuff from coming out of her mouth. 

Bryce doesn't know what to do with Susie at first but he knows that he feels something amazing for this woman. Once Bryce has made up his mind there is no stopping him from getting exactly what he wants and what he wants is Susie. Bryce wants all of Susie though and is not sure at times how to break through her tough outer shell to get to that soft middle that he knows is there. Bryce knows that his time in the corp. taught him to never give up though and this is one thing he will fight to the death for. 

This book is good the only dilemma I have with it is how fast everything goes. It seems like they meet, they are in love and then they are together so quickly. I would recommend it just expect everything to happen in supper speed.

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