Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Review of Poor Little Daddy's Girl by Normandie Alleman

I received this book as part of a box set ARC.

In this book we meet Charmaine Bainbridge and Hunter Baldwin. One night after to much drinking Charmaine comes home and decides she wants something to eat. However instead of cooking the food she passes out and sets the apartment on fire. Hunter is one of the firemen to respond and because he is very fit he volunteers to go up the stairs to her apartment. Charmaine is a girl who is looking for love but never can find anyone one who will stay with her very long or at least that is how she sees it. Her friends who are more like family see her spiraling but can not get her to see it.

Hunter meets Charmaine while coming to put the fire out at her place and there is just something about her that makes him want to both put her over his knee and cuddle her all up. Hunter knows he is very dominate and isn't sure that he and Charmaine can co-exist anywhere together but he is willing to try but can two broken people really make it.

They are both broken and scared both from their pasts and repeating the same pattern in the future both are looking for love but are unable to commit to it when it comes along. This is an amazing book about self discovery, and find out what you are wiling to do for true love.

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