Thursday, October 8, 2015

Review of Never Love an Outlaw by Nicole Snow

I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. 

In this book we meet Skin and Megan. Megan is the rich princess who is looking for her prince charming. However while she is kissing a lot of frogs and not on the lips. One night after another frog makes her feel like she is scum she takes off from his party and wonders away and into the woods. The next person she meets at first makes her feel safe, but she soon realize that she is wrong on so many levels. For the next six months she is stuck in a truck stop working as a prostitute. However she has one thing saving her from to much horror she is a virgin and the man who took her is using this fact to sell her off to the highest bidder. Megan's other problem though she does not realize it at the time is this man is protected by the Deadhands MC. The VP Big Vic has taken quite a shine to her but not in anyway that she wants. One day Skin and his brothers from the Deadly Pistols MC come to the truck stop to collect fees. Megan doesn't know who they are at first and assumes they are part of the Deadhands and just her to punish and hurt her. Little did either she or Skin know how much they would change after this first meeting. 

Skin is the treasurer of the club and knows what they financial situation looks like. He knows the club needs money and more than they are going to get by shaking down this whore house. While going through the place to collect from the owner he notices there is something off about him. When the owner insist on staying in the room while he is with Megan he has huge red flags popping up. After making sure he has some alone time with Megan he makes her a promise to get her out of there safely and make sure she gets home. Skin knows he needs to check out what Megan is telling him about her kidnapping before he can jump in with or without the club's help. After confirming her story and finding out how much it will be worth to the club to return her he recruits two of the brothers to help him. To bad that isn't the end of it, the club pres is pissed that he wasn't informed and feels like they are being dragged into the fire. 

Can two people who have been through so much violence in their life ever really find love? If they do can they make it last or will they get scared and run from it first chance they get. Nicole writes some amazing MC books and this one is another hit out of the park. This book will emotionally have you hooked from the first word to the very end. You option of the characters will change it this book but you will feel something for them in every aspect of this story. This is an absolute must read.

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