Saturday, October 10, 2015

Review of Silver Bastard by Joanna Wylde

I am a huge fan of this author and this book is another hit in my option. In this book we find out more about Puck and we meet Becca. Becca is a girl that Puck is with just after he gets out of prison. Why he was in prison you can read about in Reaper's Stand. What Puck finds out that night is Becca is a 16 year old girl that her step-father part of an affiliated club has been whoring out. Becca is afraid of her step-father Teeny because not only is he whoring her out he also is beating her on a regular basis. When Puck find this out the next morning (like he walks in on it happening) he beats up Teeny and takes Becca to Callup, Idaho. Becca doesn't know what to do about Puck she knows even all these years later she is still attracted to Puck but thinks with all she has been through he doesn't want her. She really wants to open up to him and let him know what she thinks and feels but isn't sure with all of the guilt on both sides if opening up to him is the best move.

Puck knows all these years later he still wants Becca he feels so guilty for hurting her all those years ago and refuses to push her into something she isn't read for or wants. Puck knows one indication from Becca and he will be all over her, but hurting her again hurts him. When Puck moves into the apartment across the way from Becca he can see everything that goes on in her apartment, and he's not happy. All he knows now is it is game on and his prize it the woman he has lusted after since he had her all of those years ago. This time he is playing for keeps and Becca needs to watch out because what Puck wants Puck gets one way or another. 

This is an amazing book in this series about love, forgiveness, and fighting for who you were always meant to be with. In this book we see that you only continue to be a victim if you choose to let your abuser continue to have a hold on you no matter where they are at. This book is about fighting back from the darkness and finding the light that will bring peace and true happiness. I would highly recommend this book 

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