Friday, August 25, 2017

Review of My Mom's Fiance by Cassandra Dee

I received this book with the understanding that I could leave a voluntary and honest review. 

In this book we meet Lacey Jones and Jake Mason. Lacey agrees to go out with her girlfriends one night. Little did she know that night would change everything. Lacey has always been the good girl and is still a virgin but she goes out from time to time with her wild best friends and roommates just cause they want to. That night she meets a man who will change her in many ways. What happens though when the next day she finds out he is the next man her mom is planning on marrying? Can she find a way to save herself before it is to late?

Jack knows he is an ass but he owns up to this. So when he gets in town from Chicago late one night he goes to the closest bar to unwind and ends up meeting a girl there that he can't get out of his mind. Little did he know that same girl would be his new fiances daughter. She doesn't know what their arrangement is and he has no plans on telling her. However he wonders can he have his cake and eat it too? 

This is a hot story about two people that have an attraction that can't be denied. Does that mean smooth sailing for them. This book has it's twists and turns that will have you hooked from the first word to the very end. I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. 

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