Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Review of Beastly by Laura Belle Peters

I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. 

In this book we meet Beast and Tabitha. Tabitha has been on a rough road with her father. While attending college she finds that she is having a lot of trouble with writing papers when she finds out about tutors she wonders if her father will allow her to go. One day after school Tabitha is taken to a driveway and dropped off at the end of it and told to walk to the house and do whatever Beast tells her to do. After stumbling in the dark she finally finds the house and Beast is standing in the entryway so all she sees is a big man in a doorway. She can not read if he is kind or mean. After all she has been though in her life it will take a lot to get her to trust him. Can she in the end?

Beast has secrets many of them in fact. However the more time he spends with Tabitha the more of his secrets he wants to share with her. He only wishes that she would want to share her secrets with him. The problem is some of his secrets could scare or hurt her and that is something he will never allow. The more he gets to know Tabitha the more he wonders what he can do for her and how much she will let him in. The question then becomes can he reach whatever holds her back before her demons come for her again. 

This is a great book full of ups and downs. This book has some twists that you might think are coming that will be almost there but there are others that will have you going wow. This book will touch your heart strings and will make you take a second look at certain things. I would recommend this book. Be forewarned it does touch on rape (no details) and abuse of a child (very little detail) maybe hard for some people to read. 

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