Sunday, February 28, 2016

Review of Soulless by Sarah Pepper

I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. 

In this book we meet Declan Stilts and Piper Miller. When this book opens we find Piper getting ready to die and Declan making one of the more difficult choices in his existence.  If you have read Priceless than you know that Piper's mom Emilie traded her daughters life for a chance to be with the man she loved again. Now Emilie and Trevis Miller are both dead and Declan is there to pass the Incubus Curse on to her so he can have his freedom. The problem is there is just something about her that makes it so he can't pass this on to her he wants to keep her. Will she want him though is the problem especially when she finds out all about him? How far will he go to not only keep her but to ensure that she is safe?

Piper doesn't realize what she is saying when she wants to be with him forever. At that moment she receives part of his Incubus Curse that will bind them together forever. This is not meant as a happily ever after because being demons means for some there is no happy ending. Piper also doesn't realize that by binding herself to Declan that she is also making herself a tool for all of his enemies to use against him. What she thought would be something special and amazing soon shows her that life comes with twists. 

I would recommend this book it has a lot of the old fairy tale characters in it just jumbled up a bit. This story has hope, love, and a desire to do the right thing even if it can't always be done the traditional way. Plus this story opens the question to who really are the bad guys and who are the good ones? Can you ever really tell or is what you see all you ever get? I would encourage anyone and everyone to read this book it might give you another point of view. 

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