Monday, February 8, 2016

Review of The Werewolf Cowboy (Moonbound #1) by Camryn Rhys & Krystal Shannan

I received this book as an ARC for an honest review.

In this book we meet Allan VonBrandt and Reyna Dubois. Allan is the sheriff in Somewhere, TX he has spent years putting on a face to the world. Even thought he looks like a human he is actually a wolf shifter. Allan has taken his role of sheriff very seriously so when someone starts a bar fight in town he thinks that this will just be another routine call. However all of that changes the minute he opens the bar door. One whiff of the wolf scent and he knows that there could be trouble. Also that his brother couldn't contain all of the wolves that he has in town for a conference. Allan doesn't know what wolf carries that scent but he knows he has to get them back out to the ranch before someone really starts asking questions. Little did Allan know when he finds this wolf it will mean more trouble for him then he ever thought. 

Reyna didn't mean to cause so many problems she isn't use to everyone not knowing about the wolves like they do in Louisiana. However one whiff of the good sheriff and she knows what she has found, her mate. To bad she can't seem to get the man on board with her. It seems like the more she pushes the more he seems to want to get away. Reyna doesn't know what to do she has never heard of a wolf fighting fate but that is what it seems like her mate is doing. 

What happens when two stubborn mates pitt there wills against one another? Pure explosions on many levels. This book will have you on an emotional roller-coaster. You will root for each of these characters and want to smack them both in this book. I would recommend this book it is an amazing book in this series.

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